Sebastian Schunke Berlin Quartet

Great musicians like Paquito de Rivera, John Benitez, Antonio Sanchez, Richie Flores, Felipe Cabrera, Dafnis Prieto, Yosvany Terry or Pernell Saturnino were faszinated by Schunke´s unique stile and are or were contributing with great enthusiam to the music of Sebastian Schunke.

Since more than 10 years the Sebastian Schunke Group forms an energetic part of the international Jazz Scene. Sebastian Schunke is one of the young leading Jazz composers and pianists – world wide, based in Berlin. With his group he always creates a fresh and totally new sound, unifying the modern Berlin Jazz with African and Latin American elements. Sebastian Schunke brings together international renown Jazz musicians coming from different cultures. With 5 international acclaimed CDs and several tours to Asia, Latin America, Europe and the US – the Sebastian Schunke Group has achieved a strong name in the Jazz community: representing a unique hip experimental world Jazz – totally new and unpredictable. An incredible Live-experience!  With his first CD “Symbiosis” Schunke developped his own stile. With the CD “Back in New York” nine years later featuring Paquito de Rivera and again Antonio Sanchez and John Benitez the Schunke Stile came to its climax – and now the brand new CD „Life and Death“ recorded with the famous “Berlin Quartet” – even wilder and with deep emotions.

Personel (Berlin Quartet):

Sebastian Schunke – piano
Dan Freeman – sax
Marcel Krömker – bass
Diego Pinera – drums

Special Guests European Concerts:

Pernell Saturnino – percussion
Richie Flores – percussion

Special Guests USA Concerts:

John Benitez – bass
Antonio Sanchez – drums
Peter Brainin – sax
Anders Nilsson – guitar
Peter Barshay – bass
Paul van Wageningen – drums