10.06.2022 Great Recording session in Matanzas with the Munequitos de Matanzas! Great Concerts in Matanzas/Havana with the Munequitos de Matanzas!!
Sebastián_Schunke_Muñequitos_de_Matanzas_fotos_Arley_Perera_Pérez_(arteconpicos)_Produciones_El_Almacen (44)

16.05.2022 I proudly announce that I won the “Premio Internacional Cubadisco 2022” (cuban grammy)!!

01.05.2022 So proud!!! My last CD “Elusive Beauty” was nominated for premio internacional at CubaDisco2022!!!

01.03.2022: Tour and Recording Coming up to Cuba, performing at CubaDisco and in Matanzas with the legendary Munequitos de Matanzas! More news to come!

01.01.2022 I am very happy and proud about the cooperation with Bechstein – great instruments!



09.11.2021 On my way to Madrid for a nice Recording Session with Neslon Ortega

01.09.2021 Soon Concert in Berlin coming up with Robby Geerken at B-flat! the 21.09.!

16.08.2021 Very proud to announce a collaboration with the Great Piano Manufacture “Bechstein” – best sound ever!

14.07.2021 Bechstein Video-Production – “der tanzende Klang”.

18.06.2021 First Live Concert with audience coming up: 25.06. Kühlspot Berlin, Jazz am Helmholtzplatz with Dan Freeman, Marcel Krömker and Robby Geerken.

14.05.2021 Online-Concert hamburg stream with Diego Pinera Elusive Beauty the 16. of may!


27.08.2020 Concert at B-Flat, Berlin the 01.09. featuring Dan Freeman and Robby Geerken! come around!

11.03.2020 Great Concert we had at Stadttheater Aschaffenburg – coming up: Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet” at Jazzahead!


27.02.2020 “Elusive Beauty” is coming to Stadttheater Aschaffenburg, 07.03.2020 – looking forward!sendesaal

10.02.2020 “Elusive Beauty” is coming to my old homw town Hannover, 20. of febuary, Jazzclub Hannover – join us!
Cover_Elusive Beauty

27.01.2020 Great Concert we had at the Haller Bachtage – solf out show! Amazing critis Jazzexperimente zu Ehren Bachs – Die Glocke vom 28.01.2020.

02.01.2020 Happy New Year! Coming up great concert at Haller Bachtage with Elusive Beauty the 25. of January


18.12.2019 Incredible expiriences during my Research Studies in Cuba, thanks to the Berliner Senat – Kompositionspreis 2019.

01.10.2019 Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet” RE:UNION at Bflat Berlin, the 18. of octobre – come around!

25.09.2019 We had great concerts at Bflat Berlin and Sendesaal Bremen with Elusive Beauty! Check our Video here

01.08.2019 Coming up great concert at Sendesaal Bremen – 20.09.!

11.04.2019 check out my Composition Rapsodia No. 6 “Susanne” brand new version recorded at A-Trane Berlin

25.02.2019 Great Concert coming up in Berlin at tue A-Trane the 02. of Avril!

05.02. 2019 Great review for our concert at Havana Jazz Plaza international Jazz Festival. Great Feature on the most important LatinJazzPlatform (Canada) on “Elusive Beauty”.

28.01.2019 We had great concerts in Havana/Cuba it was an awesome experience! Our Festival appearance was supported by


05.01.2019 Happy New Year! Great Start of 2019 – I am invited to play my new music “Elusive Beauty” at the prestigious Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana between the 13.01. and 19.01. – looking forward! Check out my performance in China:


12.12.2018 CD Release Concert in Berlin at the great Zig Zag Club the 14.12.!

01.12. 2018 Hidding of to China to Xinghai Concert Hall, HongKong and Roma presenting “Elusive Beauty” – YES!

20.11.2018 Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet” celebrating 10 years – concert at b-flat Berlin the 24.11. – come around!

02.11.2018 Sebastian Schunke CD Release-Concert in Hamburg at Stage Club the 13.11.

NEW CD “Elusive Beauty” out in September – watch the preview:

Cover_Elusive Beauty

digital pre-release on spotify

Great CD Review form Raul da Gama at the prestigious latinjazznet platform. “…The considerable degree of balance and integration of melody, harmony and rhythm, of composition and improvisation, of exploration into deep sonic space, of singularity and tradition… all of this is impressively maintained throughout. It puts Mr Schunke at the pinnacle of his compositional and pianistic powers.” for more See here.

Coming up new collaboration with great dancer Ichi Go and drummer Diego Pinera at a great festival in Berlin the 23. of June, see here for more infos

Sebastian Schunke / Diego Pinera Duo – live at Monterrey Jazz Festival, Mexiko!

The new CD “Elusive Beauty” will be released in September 2018 – Sebastian Schunke /Diego Pinera Duo will be on tour in 2018/2019 with this project. Please contact Tom Kramer Artist Management/Booking

We had a great Kuwait Tour!
Iphone_Ende2017_18 095


Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet” will be performing in January in Kuwait!


12.12.2017 – 14.12.2017
Mixing and Mastersession at the Great Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg

24.11.2017 – 28.11.2017
After a very intense composing process, I recorded my 7th CD for my publisher Termidor Musikverlag. We recorded at the prestigious Hansa Studios in Berlin. A great collaboration with Yamaha – they provided me a great Yamaha Grand Piano. The musicians were fantastic: Diego Pinera on drums, Yodfat Miron on Viola, Boram Lie on Cello and Benjamin Weidekamp on Bassclarinet. I am extremly greatful and thrilled. More news to come!YAMAHA_logo_freiIMG_3011[1]

10. May 2017
Next Berlin Concert with my Berlin Quartet coming up, the 10. of June at B-Flat Berlin

02. April 2017
We had a great central america tour! Fantastic experiences!

22. Febuary 2017

Very excited to anounce my upcoming tour with my great “Berlin Quartet” featuring Dan Freeman, Diego Pinera, Marcel Krömker going to Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala playing on Jazzfestivals and in Concert Halls, sharing stages with Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Danilo Perez – YES! If you are around check us out!!
05.03. Concert, Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival
06.03. Concert, Port-au-Prince, International Jazz Festival
07.03. Workshop, Port-au-Prince, International Jazz Festival
09.03. Concert, Toluca, Mexico
12.03. Concert, Jazzfestival Teatro Bonilla, Tegucigalpa,Honduras
13.03. Workshop, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
17.03. Concert, Jazzfestival Mansaya, Nicaragua
18.03. Concert, Managua, Nicaragua
20.03. – 22.03. Workshop, Guatemala City, Guatemala
23.03. Concert, Teatro Municipal, Quetalzenango, Guatemala
25.03. Concert, Jazzfestival IGA, Guatemala

in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Mexico


11. November 2016
After a great China Tour our Berlin Concert at great Zig Zag Jazz Club coming up the 02. of december!

04. Octobre 2016
Next China tour coming up with my Berlin Quartet!

Performances with a great new project with fantastic dancer Ichi Go! Check it out!

March-September 2016
Musical Sabatical – creating new compositions – back on the road in September

04. January 2016
New Year – New Project!

01. December 2015
Excited! In preparation of my new Piano-Dance-Project: Sebastian Schunke meets Judith Sanchez Ruiz! First Performance at Pavillon Hannover, 05. of Febuary 2016! More news to come!

22. November 2015
We had great Berlin Concerts! Thanks to everybody!

11. November 2015
Berlin Concerts coming up 20.11. and 21.11.! Check dates for more

22. Octobre 2015
We had a fantastic China-Tour with my great Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet” playing on Festivals in Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Changdu, Kunmming and Shanghai! It was just great!


21. September 2015

Check out my Summer interview:

10. August 2015

China Tour coming up in Octobre! See the dates

01. July 2015

After great shows with the NEw Group JSR Dance Company at ACUD, Berlin, Solo performance coming up in the Philharmonic Hall of Krakow at the 22. Letni Jazzfestival!


11. of May 2015
Some very good news: My first CD “Symbiosis” will be Re-Released after being sold out. With this CD everything started in New York in the year 2000 featuring: Antonio Sanchez, John Benitez, Yosvany Terry, Richie Flores, Peter Brainin and Dafnis Prieto! Enjoy it!

22. of April 2015
Thrilling new Project with great dancer and choreographer Judith Sanchez Ruiz coming up! Keep you updated


with the kind support by


17. of April 2015
Great Concert with Nene Vasquez

17. of Febuary 2015
Great China Tour with the incredible Berlin Quartet!

14. of January 2015
Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet” will perform again in China in February 2015! Looking very much forward


03. Dezember 2014
Great Shows in Kuwait and Berlin! Lima is next…looking forward!

20. November 2014
fter a great China Tour, there will be some very special events coming up in Kuwait, Berlin and Lima, check dates

01. Octobre 2014
China Tour coming up, with the Sebastian Schunke Berlin Quartet – check dates!

26. Juni 2014
The CD-Release was a big success – with overwhelming critics worldwide and a great CD-Release Tour. Thanks to everybody!! Check out the new video of my Song “Ella”

Sebastian Schunke´s Genesis. Mystery and Magic

28. Febuary 2014
TODAY New CD Release, Sebastian Schunke “Genesis. Mystery and Magic” featuring Sebastian Schunke, Alex Sipiagin, Hans Glawischnig, Diego Pinera and Pernell Saturnino!!!
Tomorrow starts the CD-Release Tour, see dates

10. Febuary 2014
The new CD Genesis. Mystery and Magic gets great reviews in Venezuela, Canada, Germany, Colombia, Italy, Switzerland and Finnland – very happy about it. Check press section

20. Januar 2014
Sebastian Schunke has a new booking agency, starting from april 2014, the international renown!

14. Januar 2014
The new CD “Genesis. Mystery and Magic” is the CD of the week at the most important LatinJazz Plattform in America

12. Dezember 2013
After a great China-Tour, now, the preparation for the new CD Release, Sebastian Schunke Genesis. Mystery and Magic the 28. of Febuary starts, with some nice Release Concerts. Check dates.

08. November 2013
Promotion for the new CD Genesis. Mystery and Magic has started. Please contact Uwe Kerkau

06. November 2013
China-Solo-Concert Tour is approaching!

10. of June
Berlin Concerts coming up the 16. and 27. of June – please check section”dates”.

06. June 2013
We had a great Venezuela-Tour with the fantastic Sebastian Schunke Berlin Quartet!

16. May 2013

Sebastian will give Concerts with his famous Berlin Quartet CD Life and Death in Berlin and Venezuela, please see section dates for details

01. March 2013

Sebastian Schunke did win the culture award of the Senat of Berlin

27. Febuary 2013

The new CD will be mixed in the Bauer Studios, Germany

01. July 2012
there will be some extended tours with the Berlin Quartet in 2013 more news to come

05. Mai 2012
we had a great recording session in Berlin and great gigs in Germany

10. April 2012
The new recording is approaching featuring Nils Wogram, Alex Sipiagin, Pernell Saturnino, Hans Glawischnig and Diego Pinera – looking very much forward to it.

15. March 2012
Great critics of “Sebastian Schunke´s CD Life and Death” in Germany and USA.

01. Febuary 2012

Sebastian Schunke ´s new CD “Life and Death” wos elected best CD 2011 of one of the most famous canadian Jazz Platform

07. January 2012
The next Solo Concert takes place the 28. of January in Berlin, Akademie der Künste
29. Dezember 2011

Happy New Year – and thanks for all the support! All the best for 2012 – Sebastian

02. December 2011
The new CD “Life and Death” is now available on itunes, ckeck

23. November 2011
Sebastian is featured on LatinJazznet Magazine as “the most innovative Latin Jazz Band existing”, check

10. November 2011
There will be three Berlin concerts coming up, the 26. 0f november, the 08. of december and the 22 of december.

04. Octobre 2011
The new CD “Life and Death” featuring Sebastian Schunke, Pernell Saturnino, Diego Pinera, Dan Freeman and Marcel Krömker was just released.

15. September 2011
We had a great Latin-America-CD-Release-Tour. Get some impressions

04.September 2011
We had great concerts in Lima/Peru and will give a concert tomorrow in lovely Arequipa/Peru

28. August 2011
We had great concerts in Bucaramanga and Barranquamerbaja, Colombia and are now hidding to Lima.

28. July 2011
New CD “Life and Death” will be released 26. of september. The CD will be presented on extended tour in Latin America. More news.

07. July 2011
The  German version of the new web-site is relaunched – the English version will be ready the 01. of August

01. May 2011
Sebastian Schunke has a new Booking Agency for Germany

booking – promotion – concerts
Tom Kramer
Am Sand 28
D-92224 Amberg

Tel: +49(0)9621-498072 (office)
+49(0)151-23446669 (mobile)

15. April 2011
The new CD “Life and Death” is mixed and mastered and will be released with Connector Records in Octobre 2011.